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Import 15 year old Japanese used cars to Canada.

Import regulations in Canada allow Canadians to import 15 year old used cars from Japan. Cars like the Nissan Skyline GTS-T, Skyline GTR, NIssan Silvia, 180SX, Mazda RX7, Honda NSX, Toyota Landcruiser and many other famous and popular vehicles as well as many Eurpean makes and models such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porshce etc. We provide a service to help Canadians find, choose and import popular Japanese used sports cars of their dreams as well as many popular 4wd SUV vehicles including the Toyota Landcruiser. Many of these used cars can be imported at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a simillar vehicle in Canada and they are often in much better condition than the average 15 year old cars running around on Canadian roads and highways. The Japanese take great pride in looking after and caring for their cars. Just click on the Canada link above or the "Auction Online" logo below to find out more.
Japanese used import cars direct to Canada.
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You can also choose from the pre auction section giving you the opportunity to buy vehicles before they go through auction.
Japanese used car auction agents and exporters of used cars world wide. Used car buyers agents in Japan. Professional car inpsection service at auction to ensure you don't buy a lemon.
Auction agents & exporters shipping Japanese used cars world wide. Car imports direct to New Zealand, Australia, UK, Cyprus, Ireland, Caribbean, Russia, Middle East, Africa & world wide.

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Authorized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

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