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Do I need a Password to login to view the japanese used car Auctions Online? No, access if freely available.

What days are the Japanese used car auctions online held? Every day except Sunday

How can I get an indicative selling price at Auction for a vehicle I am interested in? The recent Auction Data will give you prices of vehicles that have sold over the last three months for most makes and models.

Are the cars graded and how can I know what the grading means? Yes, the cars are all graded by the various auction houses and by clicking on the "auction grading" link on the top of the auction page you can see the meaning of the gradings.

Does someone from your company inspect the cars before bidding? Yes, our staff personally inspect the cars prior to bidding to make sure they are of the correct description and condition related to the auction information.

How many used cars are usually available? We normally have upwards of 150,000 cars a week available on the Japanese used car Auctions Online page. We also have around 350,000 cars available from dealers, and tuners throughout Japan.

Do you accept credit cards or cashiers cheques for payment? No, due to the amount of credit card fraud and scams on the internet we only accept payment by way of Telegraphic Transfer.

How long does it usually take to actually get my car? It depends where you are and the shipping schedules but we do ship on the first available vessel, usually bewteen 4-6 weeks from time of purchase to delivery.


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